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Meike 35mm Cine EF lens

     When I was first thinking about purchasing this lens I was very conflicted as I thought to myself, is this a legit cinema lens, should I purchase a DZOFilm prime or zoom lens?  At one point i was leaning heavily toward a DZOFilm prime set that is until they upped their prices.  That was a sign for me to move on and find other options.  I was still extremely hesitant about buying a Meike lens for the simple reason I had not heard of the brand before but looking at youtube videos of the lens it looked very solid and got really good reviews.  

     After about a month of looking for different cine lenses I finally bit the bullet and purchased this lens.  I must say that I am extremely impressed with the characteristics of this lens.  On the Panasonic Eva 1 the highlights are very soft even with photo lenses but it seems as if the Meike lens gave this camera a completely different look that was extremely cinematic.  The lens took on a warmer tone compared to my Sigma 24-70 or 18-35.  The highlight roll off was so buttery smooth I feel like I should never take this lens off of my camera.  I havent tried this lens on the S1H yet but I will be trying it out soon. 

     Im definitely going to be purchasing the 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm Meike cine lenses as well.  All in all I can definitely say this was a very good purchase.

Panasonic Eva 1 and Meike 35mm Cine Prime

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